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Wrapping The Mind Around Macro

A macro of rough moss growing between the cracks of hard stone.

Wrapping the mind around macro has forced me into an attention to detail. Like a poem with a hundred long lines, and somewhere in the midst of them is a sentence containing a single word. That one word — perhaps it is only four letters long — carries the same weight as a full, verbose sentence of ideas. It commands attention. Macro must do the same. Macro is this small thing that demands attention in our grand cosmos. The macrocosm of every day life needs to have this juxtaposition of the microcosm jutted into its midst. Macro needs to impose itself on the world. In reality it already does this for the eye that is looking for it. The small jumps out at you, big as the world. That alone is enough reason to take a picture of it.

  • Continuity

To some extent I think this relates to another train of thought I call unbroken composition, this need to portray the continuity of reality and its incremental change from one phase of existence to the next.

The snail that marches its steady march across a mile of the macro world, for example, is intimately connected to that world. An image of it, if it is to be called good, must in some way consider this field or content in which the snail exists and is moving.

A close up of an old camera lens in black and white

  • The Meaning Of Macro

Being a mobile photographer, there is some distortion of what is traditionally meant by macro. Although mobile phones now produce images that technically, by definition, can be considered macro shots, these images are not the giant monster of super close insect eyes that are familiar to the DSLR world. Macro for me has become the tool itself. The macro lens on my phone can and must do more than just close ups. I use it to create blur in distant settings. I use it merely to acquire texture shots for my more artistic works. I use it to capture images with a narrow depth of field that otherwise are only possible in post processing apps. Macro, here, will therefore only be limited by the scope of my vision, not the definition of what is strictly considered macro. Though I like that sort too.

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