Mobilography Tutorials on My YouTube Channel

Tutorial Videos on My YouTube Channel

Mobilography Tutorials on My YouTube ChannelLast month I had a spur of inspiration to make a number of tutorials or how-to tricks and upload to my YouTube channel. Most of these are the editing workflows I use to get various looks in my photographs, while some are just unorthodox ways of editing photos. These may help to expand your knowledge of what is really possible with these apps. The result was 10 Snapseed tutorials, and an additional tutorial using Handy Photo. None of them have sound as they are fairly self-explanatory and are geared for those who may already know how to use the apps. I place them here but you can always subscribe to my channel. There will be more to come.

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Snapseed Tutorial: Nuanced Text Colors & Gradients

Snapseed Tutorial: Snapseed Tutorial: Brightening Shadows Temporarily

Snapseed Tutorial: Monochrome Using Retrolux

Snapseed Tutorial: Color Fade Using Noir

Snapseed Tutorial: Adjusting For Red

Snapseed Tutorial: Vignette Masking

Snapseed Tutorial: Nuanced Blur

Snapseed Tutorial: Using Curve Color Channels

Snapseed Tutorial: Negative Edit Using Curves

Snapseed Tutorial: Creating An Old Photograph Look

Handy Photo Tutorial: Using Color Channels for Black and White Conversion