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Thorn Thistle Seed

Thorn, Thistle, and Seed

  • Thorn, Thistle, and Seed

Thorn Thistle Seed Fall is coming, and with it a certain kind of thistled plant (Silybum marianum) whose grayish, dried thorns and seeds I always look forward to. They have a texture, structure, form about them that, reduced to monochrome, captivates my eye. Enough said.

  • Processing

This series was processed using Photo Editor. I wanted to reduce the overbearing blue sky and so decided upon monochrome and an additional layer of thistled branches. I first inverted the images to negative, then added this second layer at about 30% opacity. In each image I then used auto combat to meld the two images into one. I followed this by applying the sepia filter at full strength. All images were taken at Hågelby Park, south of Stockholm.

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Monochrome Nature Surface