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Teaching What I know

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Leaves Of Autumn 01I’ve always said of knowledge that you don’t really learn something until you teach it to others. I’ve been a teacher of English and history in high school for over five years now, but nothing has been more exhilarating and challenging than teaching adults about a hobby that is the center of my artistic endeavors. After these years of work as a teacher and as a mobile artist, I found myself combining the two skills.

Just two weeks ago I had the privilege of teaching a class in mobile photography at the prestigious Museum of Photography, Fotografiska, in Stockholm. The students were great, engaged, curious, creative, and critical. The course itself gave some basics in shooting during different lighting conditions with a phone, with some basic overview of some of the features of a few powerful apps. We took a closer look at how to layer and mask images in a number of apps (and specifically in Snapseed and Pixlr). In spending several years helping others learn about the art, doing so in this formal setting for the first time was something I hope will not end soon. Needless to say, this is a new chapter in my exploration of the art of mobile photography.

  • Future Courses

If you understand Swedish and are in the Stockholm area in August, do sign up. There were a number of places for improvement in the course, I will admit. Next time I’ll have a few more light sources, a second ring light, a third spare phone (and camera) and some adjustment in some content of the course. I will hold future course, also in Swedish, and I have plans in mind for an advanced course for previous workshop students. Some portion of will be dedicated as a resource to those future courses as well. When it comes to digital art, it is my hope that more will learn just how creative they can be using their phones.