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A Spider’s Friend – Mobile Photography Meets Poetry

  • A Spider’s Friend

In autumn kept my brother friend, a spider,
But soon would he a trying lesson learn.
Though fat he fed with moths at night the weaver,
Neglected he to keep as pets the birds.

  • The Context

This poem was dedicated to my brother Joshua (here’s his tattoo shop Facebook page), who actually did feed nightly an orb spider that spun its web on our front porch. The spider grew in size, due to its regular and unearned diet of large insects until, one day, it was gone. My brother’s deed was a kindness of abundance that prematurely killed. Thus the true friend of the spider is solitude, as solitude fattens and kills at a proper pace.

  • The Selection

This selection of images is about spiders and spider’s webs, as I have encountered them here and their throughout my explorations in smartphone photography. I thought it appropriate that they all simply come together here. I have used a number of different post processing techniques in this selection. Different bugs, one web.

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  • Others

Some works by fellow mobilographers who also have an affinity for spiders:

Image by Shawn Parker

Image by Charles Strebor

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