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The Spaces Between

The Spaces Between

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The Spaces BetweenIt’s a great treat when you can find a beautiful venue AND exceptional art in the same place. Rare these days. We’ve got to make due with what we find, and often, that is the gallery itself rather than the work found in it that captures my interest. Too much that is sensationalism rather than art. I wasn’t wholly impressed with the exhibition, The Spaces Between. While the work of Rafael Lozano-Hemmer was interactive, and in some ways entertaining, it did not go deeper than so. The modern art from Havana could have been enjoyable, in some cases, but I rejected it because of a single grotesque piece (alongside other things uninteresting), where a young woman’s mouth is filmed, and with sexually suggestive movements begins licking a penis shaped cactus until her tongue and mouth bleed.

Whatever symbolism that may mean, symbolism doesn’t in and of itself equate to art. Whatever societal or cultural criticism it represents, that criticism doesn’t inherently mean art, let alone good art, else we risk placing all revolutionaries, and cultural critics, however volatile or absurd, into a category of artistic genius. The piece was, to begin with, disturbing to my young children, without knowing any further what was implied by it. This shock value art is the run of the mill these days. It was not out of place in Umeå.

My recent trip to that town, where my life in Sweden really began some ten years ago, was full of eventful activity, but none of my images have become as formulated as this series. The venue itself, the Umeå Art Museum, was a piece of art in its own right, with its angles, lighting, minimalism. Here the architecture itself was in touch with the user. Umeå may be egoistic, calling itself the Paris of the North, and it may be revolutionary, due to the population being comprised of young and ideological students — it may be all that, but it is pushing itself beyond the safe architecture that is Stockholm. For that I can appreciate the town.

I was able to enjoy a good architectural angle as much as I do a good onlooker of art, standing in some odd angle as they view the creative work of another. To Stockholm’s credit, a wonderful example of great art AND in a quality venue was the Elliott Erwitt exhibition at Fotografiska. In this series however, the focus is placed solely on the internal contours of the building itself.

  • About The Series

This series of nine images is a focus on the real spaces between, highlighting the invisible portion of the exhibition. The lighting, the architecture, the minimalist white, yellow and green spaces, all conspired to act as a sort of empty canvas for my eye. I have used Photo Editor to edit all images, cropping them all to a square, and applying a personal preset called Summer Nostalgia, which enhances the whites and greens of the images.

  • More About The Spaces Between Exhibition

The art exhibition can be read about here.

The museum itself can be read about here.

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