• The Soil as Time

Capturing time in a single instance, in this case via a process of changing soil, is always an enjoyable experience. However simple it is. The sun setting on this scene of developing soil, worn roots, and clinging moss was spectacular, and poignant. The location was by a fire pit, aside Nydala lake in Umeå, Sweden, and so, the earth was in the presence of so much ice, wind, and fire. The combination was magic.

  • Process

These images were all processed using Snapseed. I’ve only modified them slightly, to bring out some of the warmth and mood that was already present. I’ve cropped them into squares, though all of them could have been left as the main image, in 9×16. Those full compositions are for me though. I promise I’ve cropped them carefully.

[gmedia id=86]


  • This Particular Soil