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Slash and Burn

Slash and Burn

Turn the page or burn the page. Ages ago, eons ago, back when an AOL chat room was the place to hang out online, back then I learned to type fast and think sharp by regularly visiting the metaphysics chat room. One particular metaphysics regular started a monthly journal for metaphysical topics based on sent in essays. One recurring theme was “turn the page or burn the page” which was a choice between moving on or slash and burn. The philosophical discussions that revolved around this train of thought concerned revolution vs evolution, natural vs forceful means of change. Walking away or burning your bridges. I’ve often returned to this theme of thinking and have developed a perspective that the path of least resistance is often best. That creating change ought to be natural. Yet nature sometimes reminds me that it uses both means to accomplish its ends. And so I cannot leave aside that abrupt change, even crisis, is sometimes the best impetus to transformation. Slash and burn farming is one example of this. Recently, life circumstances forced me to reassess where and who I am. Without that shock, I’d likely remain in the complacency of an easy existence. So here’s to slash and burn tactics. Enough philosophy. Show us some images.

This series was taken during a day of slash and burn out at a relative’s place. The long term benefits of destroying outweigh not doing so. In fact, nature has some pretty amazing built in mechanisms for burning situations. I have used Photo Editor to enhance the feel and mood of the fiery scenes, using one of my personal curve presets. I suppose nature uses slash and burn on us as well.

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