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Skating On The Winter Sky

Skating On The Winter Sky – A Selection Of Mobile Photos On Ice

Skating On The Winter Sky

Winter is over, the thaw has come, and being the past, it can now be looked on in retrospect. Being from Los Angeles, that’s about the only place I like to view winter from. One of those highlights worth reflecting on was a nice trip out on a lake, not too far a drive from here, that we went ice skating on with an acquaintance. The sun was out, warm for the first time, and the freezing cold weather had turned to a nice 5 degrees. That made for an interesting situation of thick, smooth ice on the lake covered by a thin layer of water perhaps a centimeter deep.

The view was magic, and it lent for some beautiful images! The image above is the wonderful, thick ice we were skating on, but looking up at the horizon, you wouldn’t be able to tell by the sheer blue and untouched winter sky beneath our skates. I managed to get a nice shot of my son peering at the ice, though from my vantage point he is walking on water, staring into the deep blue.

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