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Light and Shadow

Shadow Images

  • Shadow Images

Light and shadow conspire to create minimalist forms on the snow. They hint at objects and landscapes outside the frame which, when examined closely, begin to appear in the imagination. One challenge for me in my art, and here in photography, is to avoid being so straightforward in my creations that I hand you a ready made piece. sometimes I do thorough documentary, sometimes impressionism. In this series, the idea of looking and then leaving is something I wish to avoid. This is unbroken composition, in which the frame of the camera is not the frame of the image. There is an object, a lighting, situation outside the field of view.

  • Processing

All three images were processed using Snapseed. I find that Snapseed above all other apps, can enhance the crisp feel of snow, by simply altering “structure”. In this case, I altered structure in all images by twenty points. This also brings out the rich colors of the image to a degree. I’ve left them in their original and unique shades of blue. They appear in random order. See my other works using Snapseed.

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Minimal Nature