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SciFi August IV

SciFi August

  • SciFi August IV

August is approaching, and generally, in the months leading up to it I announce SciFi August. This will be SciFi August IV, a month full of science fiction creativity.

  • What Is SciFi August?

During the month of August, 2013, I wrote one portion of a story a day for 31 days, while also creating one Sci Fi image on my mobile phone. I asked others to join in on Google+ and create their own works of science fiction. The pace, and my routines weren’t what they needed to be, so I couldn’t keep up the pace. I wrote half of a story. Fortunately, I returned to the theme in August, 2014 and finished that first story. It was entitled Fire and Night. During August, 2015, I continued within that same Fire and Night universe. In that case, I succeeded in writing and producing one image and one story per day, for 31 days. The result is The Fate of Kehema, one of my personal best pieces of storytelling and mobile artistry. This year, I will again explore that same universe, yet another character, with one image a day, one story a day.

  • How Can I Join In?

That an easy question to answer. If you are on Google+, simply create some sort of science fiction work, during the month of August, and post it on the Plus. Any sort of creative work will do, from poetry, flash fiction, origami, scuplture, art, painting, digital work, photography, scifi music, etc. As long as it is created during that month of August, is created by you and is of a science fiction nature, anything goes. You don’t have to hold yourself to a creative work a day. That’s my own challenge. Just join in when you can! Be sure to mention me and my page, SciFi August on Google+. Follow both my profile and my SciFiAugust Page to get updates from others who participate, and to help me share your own science fiction creative work.

  • Imagery From Past August Themes

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SciFi August III

SciFi August III

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