Artist, People is ending is ending. I can no longer maintain it. One post a month, as little as this is, is hard to make time for, and I see generally the decline of quality and quality in my writing about mobile photography on the blog, as well as an increasing awareness of my frantic attempt to put together quality images each time. I am also incapable of managing a website that has increasing problems that I don’t know how to fix or have time to learn. Bandwidth is through the roof and so the cost of hosting is enormous for this little website.

The high cost, the bugs, and the inability to create the quality posts I want to provide, all conspired to lead me to the difficult conclusion that I have to just flip the switch and shut things down for a while.

Even if I just let the site run without posting to it, the cost alone is too much. I don’t have the time I’d like for posts, so I also don’t have time to find cheaper hosting, nor figure out how to transfer the site to new hosting.

The domain name will remain mine. I do still wish this site to live on. Hopefully it will. But it costs in many different ways. Advertisements seemed a disservice to you, while they didn’t augment the costs in any significant way. I regret that I was pushed in that messy direction.

I am sincerely thankful to everyone who has supported me over the years of this blog.

The site will be up for a while until I have time to backup all of its content.

[Thanks to the kindness of Charles Strebor and Chris Hurst, with remain in hybernation. Charles’ greatest gift to me has been this opportunity to press pause instead of Pressing delete. For that I am truly grateful.]

I’ll leave you with one last image, entitled Encounter.

Tell stories,


Encounter - is ending.


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