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Make Room For The Elderly

Make Room For The Elderly

  • Make Room For The Elderly

Let’s get down to it. The elderly rule. They are repositories of wisdom, experience, and history. Do the youth appreciate this? I am not sure. Too busy chatting on our mobile phones to give a place on the train to somebody more infirm. Action movies with perfect heroes that never age, never bleed, never cry and never lose. A thousand cosmetic secrets to prevent aging. It’s an odd thing to read in the Swedish paper [that article is in Swedish] how parliament has become younger in average, and that to avoid these youngsters from abandoning their posts(!), they have to advance in position faster, resulting in more of them being handed the most important posts early. As an American I find the latter a strange phenomenon; as a human being I find it all disturbing that the elderly are not more prized.

There are many, many examples in society where I find this lack of interest in the wisdom of the old, elderly, and aging. I’m not saying the elderly have all the answers, especially so in our rapidly changing, highly technological environment, but there is much that we should appreciate about them. That which is new and good must be embraced, but that which is old and true must be held onto tightly.

  • The Series

This series consists of three images, all of which are based on the elderly preferred seating sign in Stockholm’s bus system. I greatly appreciate the design of these and other signs throughout the Stockholm transit environment. I wanted to combine the iconic symbols of aliens, in all their sci-fi greatness, with this elderly sign, to bring back the elderly to their rightful place in society. This is not meant to portray the elderly as evil or sinister (because all the monsters portrayed here invariably are such), but to acquire the popularity, the power, and strength of these beings, and apply it to those who are in reality the ones who deserve such consideration. I want us to add some cool back into being old. I used PS Touch to create the black and white pattern image from the bus sign. I used Infinite Design to draw the alien head layers, layered once again in PS Touch. See more of my work using PS Touch and Infinite Design.

  • Respect

Make Room For The Elderly - Because They Rule

Old Alien

Make Room For The Elderly - Especially Bad Ass Ones

Pre Dator

Make Room For The Elderly - Especially Ancient Ones


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