Minimal, Monochrome, People

Lost and Found - Processed with VSCOcam x2 preset.

Lost And Found

  • Lost and Found

There was this woman, lost amidst the crowd, who, after some effort at looking around, found what she was after. This selection of images is about the bustle of our day to day. All images were taken in Stockholm Central Station, at the circle overlooking the pathway under the main station, also known as the “spit cup”. It is the common meeting point for travelers, as everyone knows where it is, and, should you find yourself on the wrong floor, those you are meeting will still be able to see you.

  • Processing

All images were processed using VSCOcam’s X2 preset (one of my favorites), and with reddened shadows to add an element of speed. My VSCO grid is here.

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Minimal Monochrome People