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Tower Bridge of London in Black and White Mobilography, Mobile Photography, Android Photography

London at Night

  • London

Last week I had the chance to make my way to London for a school conference surrounding internet and communication technologies in the classroom and at school. My days were filled with presentations, lecture, tech demonstrations, networking and various other busy things. There wasn’t much time for shooting the great scenery London has available for the photographic eye during the day.

    London Eye - Mobilography, Mobile Photography

  • At Night

By night though, there was a bit more freedom to head out and get a feel for the city lights and the Thames. It was also a great opportunity to really put my Huawei P9 to use. Low ISO to eliminate noise, and longer exposure times on my flimsy aluminum tripod did the trick just fine. In some cases I used my Gorillapod stand. My only complaint with the whole experience was that my P9 tended to turn off due to the cold weather. That’s definitely something I need to look into, as it shouldn’t do so. It worked out though.

  • Images

These are a selection of those images I shot during my stay in London. Some are shot from my hotel window with lights out, others from other and various high rise buildings. The majority are shot from the edge of the Thames itself, and surrounding environs. All of the images are processed using Snapseed.

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