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Landscape Revisited | | Jacob Matthew Dix

Landscape Revisited

  • The Brottby Landscape

There is something about the Brottby landscape that is so alluring, and which draws me back to view it again with new eyes. It is an old countryside (which I’ve written of and photographed here), and so it compels the mind with new stories, commands the imagination with its age and authoritative beauty.

  • Dusk

We stayed overnight at the in-laws. I woke up early, earlier than I had hoped, to my daughter and her hungry stomach. Nothing to do but wake and get her the oatmeal she is fond of. While doing so, I looked out the early morning window to see the heavy fog. My mother in law woke and gave my daughter company and offered that I could go back to sleep. I had another idea.

  • Mud

Boots on, I went straight out into the field, fallow and muddy. The boots got dirty, and the socks a little wet, but it was good grime. From here I took those shots of the lonely mountain.

  • Down The Road

I made my way down the road (where I shot the gate and line of trees as a set of three). The cover image, of blackbirds, is also shot from there though on my way back home. These were the moments of most and least fog. The road being above the field by several meters, the place also gives a view with little foreground. A good contrast to the scenes in the thick of it.

  • Klockarborg

Klockarborg is an historic part of the landscape. I was at one time part of their historical society. Some 150 to 130 years ago, a family of (if I recall it right) ten brothers and sisters were born and raised in that little house (the black and white image). They were poor, and a number of them died of disease. One after another they passed away until, old and still hard at work around the house and the land, the last son, Nestor, died at 93. None of them ever had children, and so the place simply waited full of all its memories and interesting items and diaries intact. The historical society was formed to preserve their memory and document their lives. There are several images in the series from this portion of my morning walk: the tree and its bark, the path in the woods, the monochrome road and also the tree lined road are all near there. These are just past the church I wrote about in my previous series on this countryside.

  • Lake Panorama

Directly across the street from Klockarborg home is a small and unassuming manmade sandy beach and dock at the lake. That was my goal the whole time, so I made no effort to stop at the church, however beautiful it and it’s viking runestones might have been.

The lake opened up in front of me. Covered in ice, hidden in fog as the sun was just making its way over the horizon. Soon, very soon, it would break through the fog and dissipate any last remnants of the subdued landscape views I was so thrilled to capture. So I took a number of careful shots, and as I was finally leaving, looked back to see that the entire scene needed capturing. I returned quickly and took the panorama from the dock, using my Huawei P9’s panorama mode, and a few other shots and perspectives.

Brottby Landscape Jacob Matthew Dix

  • The Images

This set of twenty images was shot on my P9, in one case using HDR mode, one in panorama (above) and all others in RAW format. I have not conformed them to a single format or style, monochrome or color. Instead I’ve left each image speak for itself, and in doing so find they add depth to this country landscape in their diversity. I’ve processed them using Snapseed.

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Monochrome Nature