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Jacob Matthew Dix - MobilographerI am a mobilographer, which is to say, a mobile photographer. I shoot with my phone. I post process with my phone. Mobilography is currently my personal outlet of creativity. Some might call me a purist, sticking strictly to my phone for all things artistic. I don’t tend to do mixed media. The reality is I am a purist only because I don’t have time not to be. The phone is the quickest means of generating the art I am after.

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Cello - inspired by KandinskyMobile photography and mobile art (as the two extremes of a spectrum) weren’t always my creative focus, of course. Previous to my discovery of smartphone cameras, I had a long period in my youth exploring abstract work. Mondrian and Kandinsky were strong inspirations for me. Bringing art down to its most basic and elementary forms challenged me, as it meant maximizing viewer interpretation at the risk of losing their interest. There was a gravity in creating art on such an essential level (I’ve written of this gravity both here and here), a space where I could pull the eye like the earth did the moon, or lose my grasp on the attention and emotion of the viewer. Visual art was followed by some exploration of the written word and the various moods it could conjure up in an individual. I am a published author of the anthology There Is No Rest. You can find out more about my debut book at

On this site,, you will find a synthesis of all of these creative explorations.

I am otherwise a high school English and history teacher. I am married and have two beautiful children. I live with my family in Stockholm, Sweden and happily spend most of my time with them. My home is filled with the sound of their laughter.

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Jacob Matthew Dix