Know Thyself - a mobilography image of myself, centered, dressed in suit and tie, in a misty and foggy forest.

Welcome to! Have a look around, follow me to get the latest updates and tips, stop by and give me your opinion. On the site you will find my exploration of the art of mobile photography, or as I term it, mobilography. You will also find tips, tutorials and reviews. I have put time and effort into the look and feel of the site. I will do so with its content as well.

  • Mobilography

Mobilography for me has been a journey in the revival of my creativity. For a long time, my creativity was resting dormant under the dust of several years of disinterest. I spent many years halfheartedly exploring freehand drawing and pen and ink, then going over into writing and even a little music. Of these, I think I’ve come furthest with writing. None of this went anywhere of course. I became a bit disenchanted with myself. Then came the mobile phone. My first smartphone was a Nokia e72. I recall an iPhone user saying to me, “that camera is a piece of junk.” Completely ignorant, I said it takes photos just fine, I think. I had no idea!

  • Thank You

I have Paul “Skip” Brown to thank for the helpful time he contributed to this endeavor. He gave me a great deal of feedback as to the planning, the dos and don’ts, the website structure, etc. I am grateful for his time.

  • Svelte Theme

I chose the Svelte WordPress theme because my work deserved such a beautiful showcase, with an elegant minimal design. The theme is responsive so it works superbly on computer, tab, and mobile.