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Husa Organic Farm - a mobile photography series using VSCOcam S presets.

Husa Organic Farm

Staffan Ahrén, owner of Husa Organic Farm while speaking to my wife, who used to work there.

Staffan Ahrén, owner of Husa Organic Farm

Husa Organic Farm (Husa Gård) is something of a special place for me. Situated in the beautiful Swedish country landscape north of Stockholm, this farm has become a necessary stopping point when we are up that way visiting the in-laws. We have increasingly made an effort to buy our meat from this farm alone. Husa Gård is owned and operated by Staffan Ahrén, who, with his father, worked on the farm since 1956. Staffan was one of the initiators of Sweden’s now well known organic and fare trade standards, KRAV. The farm itself is number 0001 on the KRAV registry of producers and products.

  • Pushing For The Organic

I’m not going to claim I’m super strict with my shopping habits, but I do make some effort to buy organic, or at least the greener alternative of products available. That costs a bit extra, so that my eating habits are a question of my income level. Nevermind that. This series is about healthy animals raised well and sold at a fare price. I want to support them (in image form) for doing so.

You can find their website (in Swedish) here.

  • About The Series

For this series of 14 images, I used the warm and nostalgic VSCOcam S presets. I have varied between the presets depending on the light conditions of each image. You can view more of my VSCOcam images on my grid:

For more images and history about this region of Swedish countryside, just north of Stockholm, see my Old Country series.

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