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Green, Yellow, White, Brown

Mobilography had its break. I took a break. I have been struggling to maintain the art, questioning whether it is even something for me to pursue lately, questioning whether I should continue this blog. I’ve questioned my community on Google+, questioned my photography in general. None of it seemed inspiring any longer. I am still asking those questions.

Then something unexpected happened. I went to Tenerife, in the Canary Islands over the Christmas break. I took my camera of course, because even if I wasn’t going to do the kind of active shooting I did previously, in which I was consumed by it, I figured I’d take a few snaps. No, here I am suddenly struck by how bright it is. I was blinded at first by the light reflecting off the pavement, which my eyes hadn’t yet adjusted to in Sweden’s dark winter. The angles of the uniform hotel buildings, the unusual plant life, the sea and the desert hills, the volcanic rock and the geometric architecture all struck me. I began with minimalism in the city, but the minimalism grew and the subjects I was shooting expanded rapidly. The minimalism stayed throughout. I ended up with a series of four compositions, each unique, yet together giving a picture of the trip and its environs. They represent as well a revivification of my photography, my mobilography, and the diversity of the hobby I so enjoy.

  • Green, Yellow, White, Brown

Each of the four colors created a collage of nine images. Two of these collages represented the city, yellow and white, while two of them, green and brown, represented the natural world of the island. The collages were also divided in another way, where white and green were of more organic themes, yellow and brown of the inorganic. Each is a collage. Each is shown as a gallery. I edited each images with Snapseed. The collages were then made using Pixlr.
[gm album=148]

  • The Green

Green portrayed life, water, the sky, and even underwater. This was everything between sand and sea.

[gmedia id=144]

  • The Yellow

Yellow portrayed angles, architecture, texture, juxtaposition. The buildings and their walls take the stage here.

[gmedia id=145]

  • The White

White portrayed leading lines, contrasts, shadows and empty space. It gave a different side of the city, not present in yellow.

[gmedia id=146]

  • The Brown

Brown was sheer volcanic lava and rock. It is in some way the foundation. Green is the sea it comes up to meet, and white and yellow are a strange human compromise.

[gmedia id=147]

Minimal Nature Structure Surface