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Getting In Close

Getting In Close

Let’s just say I am enjoying my new Samsung Galaxy S5. I am always skeptical of a new camera, and I was getting a bit worried that I may have made the wrong choice, considering my picky eye. There were things I was used to that, now, in hindsight, might not be necessary. There was no macro lens, and some who know me know I loved my macro; there was this unwieldy auto-focus that at first played tricks on me; there were some unhappy results (my own fault, not the camera’s) in low light shooting. But this shot did it for me. I’m hooked. Had I pointed my S3 at the subject, this close, right into the blinding light of the sky, it would have bled over the edge of those flowers. The soft light and detail the camera was able to capture on the leaves would be lost in these lighting conditions on my S3, not to mention being of lower resolution. We’ll call this a quick review. I’m satisfied.

Getting In Close - an mobile photography image of flowers in strong light

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