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Getting Away From It All

  • Getting Away

It’s been nice to get away from it all. Nothing, absolutely nothing, can replace rest. The calm in the storm to regroup, recharge, rededicate yourself, and otherwise just enjoy being. This post is a simple calm of colors taken while away on a brief sojourn in Trosa, Sweden. Trosa is a good drive south of Stockholm, on the rural coast. We stayed at Lagnö Studio, a hostel with a history of Swedish film production. A picturesque place to escape.

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All images were captured in Trosa, Lagnö Studio, or Stendörren just south of Trosa. I put emphasis and focus on the minimalist colors and shapes of the images to capture the calm feel of being away from concern. There is plenty to be concerned about, though this is not the place! Here and now you will find one, maybe two colors, large swaths of color. No people, no action. Simple interaction in straight forward terms. All images are edited using Snapseed.

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