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Forgotten Stories - A series of three


  • Forgotten Stories

There is nothing like an image that can tell a story. This series tells a tale of forgotten Treasures, Forgotten Battles, Forgotten Promises. Nothing more can be said. I will let your imagination wander freely as to what this means.

  • The High Seas

Forgotten Treasures

Forgotten Treasures

Forgotten Battles

Forgotten Promises

  • Download The Backgrounds

Tell your own tale. Feel free to download these backgrounds here!

I am putting them under a Creative Commons Noncommercial Attribution License. That means that you can not make money off of any works made from them, and that I ask you to give credit (to me and this website) if you publish them anywhere.

Tag images #ForgottenStories so that I can see them.

  • Tutorial

I did a workflow on Google+ showing quickly how I created the Forgotten Treasures image. The others were roughly the same, though on image two (the sword) I used PS Touch in addition to the other apps.

I first began with a very square in Photo Editor (see my other works using this app). I made it a large 4000 x 4000, as I intended to make a high quality image.

I exported this into Shift. There I flipped through the various randomized light filters until I got to the bubble-like filter. I adjusted the colors and light points according to my liking.

I then took this back into Photo Editor, and layered a couple other layers, also from Shift, into this watery image. One of these, the green light, I layered several times to give the illusion of sunlight coming down below the surface. I adjusted color, contrast.

Satisfied with the water I moved on to the next step of adding treasure.

I took a picture of a few of my son’s gold coins, plastic doubloons he got at a pirate theme birthday party. I shot them on black paper to make it easier to remove the background later. I leaned them on top of some small, broken bits of my son’s crayons so that I wouldn’t shoot them all flush with the camera, as they were to be floating in water. I also angled them in different ways, relative to my light source (a bedroom window) to get different lighting situations in them all. Floating under water, they aren’t all going to be bright. Save.

Using the original grey image, I applied the watery texture layer from HandyPhoto. Save. I layered this on top of the coin image, also in Photo Editor. Save. For image two I made a cut out of the sword in PS Touch as it isn’t as easy to do on Photo Editor.

Then, again in Photo Editor, I opened my water scene, and added in various coins, adding a couple images here and there.

Done! The effort was worth the story I was able to tell with these few elements.

A gif tutorial


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