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Dock of the Bay - a mobile photography image of a dilapidated dock

Dock Of The Bay

This series was taken during summer vacation, 2013, while on a visit to Åland, Finland. I chanced inside this boat dock and was impressed immediately by its dilapidated state, its angles, lighting, and colors.

Dock of the Bay - a mobile photography image of a dilapidated dockThough I’m pretty obsessed with getting angles and lines straight and parallel, even making them so by warping images, I made a conscious effort to take images which were not flush with the environment, nor which followed some perfect rule of thirds. I did this to exaggerate the fragmented and forgotten mood of the place. Something about the dock demanded it.

  • Post Processing The Dock

In this series of 50 images, I decided to further add to the dock’s dilapidated variety by using a number of different VSCOcam presets. My intention here was not to provide some uniform window to view the series from, as I have done in other sets, but to add distance between each image. This was in fact my test run for VSCOcam for Android. The images must stand on their own slightly more than my other works. I’ve left them all in their original size and angle. I’ve even included a few blurry shots, because blur is OK. I varied colors and other features of the VSCOcam app as the individual images suited me.

You can view more of my VSCOcam images on my grid:

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