Minimal, Monochrome, Nature

Dark World

Dark World

  • Dark World

There is a dark world under the water. It is mysterious. Beautiful. In some cases, it is dark because of the limited eyes that view it. These jellies see, but only the faintest of light to determine up from down. And so the world of light, the basis of photography even, is a world they dimly encounter.

  • The Processing

For this reason of dim vision, I have included even the most blurry and impressionistic images in the series. I find the limitation of the phone camera in low light to have been just fantastic in this case. It speaks to me. I have processed them using only the noir C03 filter of Snapseed 2.0 (an extensively review and tutorial can be found here). This dark blue-violet filter was then darkened further. Brightness was decreased while wash increased, both by about 20 points.

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Minimal Monochrome Nature