Monochrome, Surface

Concentric Carpentry

Concentric Carpentry – A Short Series in Mobile Artistry

Ever since my Collectivism Series, I’ve been maintaining an active eye for beauty within the super mundane, even in things bordering on the trivial. It so happens that the stairwell to our parking garage has been itching for attention. Yet a straightforward presentation of its many shadows, patterns, and nuances haven’t spoken to me, though I’ve admittedly tried to create this more formal documentation of its grimy spiral. The answer came to me in spider webs, forgotten and covered in dust in the apartment storage cellar. Well, that and some of the usual experimentation.

Though I’ve taken maybe 100 images of the stairwell, and though the possibilities for this series are endless, I wouldn’t dare do so many. I’d risk a downward spiral into monotony rather than a concentric highlight of the textures, patterns and surfaces of this functional environment. It is enough with nine abstract pieces that imply its circular path, and presented in a grid. I’ve used Handy Photo’s wood textures, followed by the app’s planet and black and white filters. Some adjustments were made in Photo Editor to lighten and brighten a number of them.

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Monochrome Surface