Minimal, Surface


  • By Candle Light

There are times when the photographer is a hunter. We are after something specific. A theme, a certain kind of light. Perhaps something abstract and elusive. Whatever it is, we know what, where and when it is, and how we might get it.

At other times though the world reveals itself to us. Without any intentional effort on our part. The eye is suddenly opened to reality. Here, I was nearly about to blow out this candle before turning in for the night, when the beauty of this singular object spoke to me as a subject to give my undivided attention. OK, I said, and grabbed my phone.

  • About The Series

I avoided capturing the candle flame, as this was clearly about the texture, the glow, the surfaces, the contours and the colors of the candle itself. It was not the flame but the effect it had on the candle. I took several satisfying images, using my phone on my Joby GripTight Gorillapod stand. I used the Gorillapod specifically because I was shooting in very low light, and didn’t trust my shaky hands to do the job. I set ISO at 100, as low as my phone would go. I tried an app or two that I don’t often use for post processing, only to discover why I don’t, and so, fell back on the reliable and quality VSCOcam. I have used the 06 legacy preset at half strength for all five images to enhance both the blue of the candle and the yellow light. This left the background with a slightly green tint which I found enjoyable. I’ve also enhanced sharpness and cropped the images in VSCO. You can see more of my work using VSCOcam on my Grid: or here on mobilography using the tag down below.

Candle 01

Candle 02

Candle 03

Candle 04

Candle 05

Minimal Surface