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Camera FV-5 is by far the best camera app on Android. It is number one on my definitive list of camera apps. In this post I’ll point out some of the newest features that are available with the recent 3.0 update, some of which expand on the camera’s already wide range of functions.

A note that I have not been paid to do this review. These are my own opinions.

  • Improved User Interface

The new interface is much more simplified, and above all QUICK! It responds near instantly, and the icons seem fairly intuitive, so that you can rapidly change settings as needed. This is good for moments that need fast reactions. There is nothing I can’t stand more than waiting for the settings to load on a camera app, while the scene I know needs capturing is about to fade away. A good and intuitive interface makes all the difference.

  • Built In Image Gallery

The image gallery in Camera FV-5 is a good addition to the app. On a DSLR, or on my Galaxy S5 native app, I enjoy the ability to directly view or review the images just taken. Best to delete faulty or unwanted shots right away. There is convenience in being able to review the various versions of a shot to save the one you like, without exiting the app to come back later.

  • Interval Capture and Time Lapse Features

Of everything that got a face-lift in version 3.0, this is my favorite. While there was a timer and there were interval shot settings in the previous version, they were fairly limited. This expands on them a bit, making it possible for example to limit the number of shots taken based on how much memory is taken up by the aggregate of photos.

While the app does not now put the incremental shots together into time lapse video, I have it on good authority that an upcoming update will add this capability, one which the settings already allow for.

Camera FV-5 Intervalometer

  • Immersive Mode

Want to hide the on screen settings to see the full image, on its own? Immersive mode keeps all active settings as they are while in this mode, leaving only the shutter button fully visible, and details like ISO and battery life highly transparent but still slightly visible for reference. Entering immersive mode is a simple as sweeping down on the viewfinder with one finger so that all settings quickly back out of the screen.

  • Oldies but Goodies

RAW file shooting capabilities are available through this app, if your phone has Android L or higher and depending on whether your particular phone has the Camera2 API which opens your phone up for RAW. Check whether your Android phone supports RAW here.

Shutter Speed & ISO – RAW capability in turn allows for expanded control over shutter speed as well as lower ISO, both of which can be handled by the app.

Battery life – when the battery is running low on my Samsung Galaxy S5, and the native camera no longer opens, Camera FV 5 does. The Samsung camera needs at least 6% battery life, while Camera FV-5 needs only about 2%. The battery life with this app running is substantially longer than the native app, though I can’t speak for other phones.

Black and White – in the image settings, you can switch from color to luminosity (pure black and white) to do some straight out of the phone monochrome. This is especially great if you like your street shots untampered.

  • Cinema FV-5

The video app, also made by FGAE, it the best available.  Having this app allows you to easily switch from the camera to the video app easily. Download Cinema FV-5.

  • Images

Low Battery Shot using Camera FV-5

Low Battery Shot

Interval Shot using Camera FV-5

Interval Shot on tripod so I didn’t scare away the birds

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