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The California Coast

The California Coast

The California CoastThe California coast is one of the fantastic wonders of our natural world. I had the opportunity to visit my home state and, like every tourist, travel the coast up and down Highway 1. One of the highlights of this wonderful trip was my stay in Big Sur. This was a five day trip with the family, with visits to and around Big Sur, including Julia Pfeiffer Burns State Park, Pescadero Beach and just inland from there to Memorial Park. Though most of these images are from Julia Pfeiffer State Park, a number of them are from other portions of the California coast just north and south of there.

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The California CoastThis series of 30 images demanded straight forward editing. No frills. I was careful in shooting to capture well composed scenes, and so have done no cropping or framing adjustments. Some locations demanded more than one image but from a different angle. I have converted the images to monochrome using HandyPhoto’s Black and White filter, adjusting only the color channels and (in some cases) the degree of drama they have. This leaves the images purely to the compositional and structural aspects of nature, without distraction of color. The colors are beautiful in their own right, but I went with black and white to touch upon some of the same essential elements that I reached in my foothills series. Otherwise they are left as is.

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