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My Entries to The Android Photo Awards

  • The Android Photo Awards

Well, I lost. And I also won. Alina Rudya was the well deserving first place winner of the Android Photo Awards. I am happy to say I won the first quarter, had a number of images in the category shortlist, and won the travel category. I am both elated and honored. There was really strong competition. A wholehearted congratulations to all those who participated!

To celebrate, I am publishing here those 100 images that I entered into the Android Photo Awards. I am doing so to share what I have accomplished over this last year or so in mobile photography.

  • The Images

I place them in that order I roughly entered them to the Awards, as I find it enjoyable to see them fairly chronologically, as I developed (or digressed) in skill. Some of these were later modified, for entry into the contest, but I include some variation of them here. Some of them have my JMD watermark, as they are a bit older. I have renamed some of them, finding that time has caused my thinking about them to have changed. Some titles have been changed simply because the entries, in the APA, would be out of context, and so, wouldn’t make sense. All of them were shot and edited on either my Galaxy S3 or S5. I place them here as a sort of portfolio of the variety of my work. I hope you enjoy the collection. I began my entries to the Android Photo Awards with one of my signature works, In Black and White.

Android Photo Awards entry

In Black and White

Abandoned Series


Android Photo Awards entry






Field of Forgotten Dreams

Fly By


Just Another Dead Bird

Knowledge and Spirit

Lamp Light in the Dark

Processed with VSCOcam with h2 preset

Old Country



The Eye

The Walk

Thorns & Glass

Winter In My Heart

Beginnings – Human Possibility

In The Jungle – Human Possibility

Fire Starter

Leap of Faith


Enter Sandman


A Hard Dasy’s Happiness

Summer Nostalgia

Dock of the Bay




Metro Hustle


The Composition of Stone

In Orbit

Hologram Memories


Living Space - a mobile photography image of the Mojave Desert, processed with VSCOcam hb1 preset

Living Space


A Break In The Agenda



Behind the Sofa

Blue 01


Blue 02

The Thrill of Ascension

Rain? Umbrella!

Yesterday’s Sunset

Travelling in Light

The Bridge


Big Sur

In Motion

Diptych – Inside Outside

Spirit Bull



Shadow Commuter

The Bubble Maker

Battle Lost and Won

Bright Ideas

Catching A Glimpse

Sands of Time


Friends Till The End

Touching The Surface

Husa Organic Farm

Where There’s Smoke, There’s Fire

Portrait and Still Life using a Ring Light. photos taken using Camera FV-5, HandyPhoto.

Portrait 01

Portrait and Still Life using a Ring Light. photos taken using Camera FV-5, HandyPhoto.

Portrait 02

Portrait and Still Life using a Ring Light. photos taken using Camera FV-5, HandyPhoto.

My Son

A Delicate Finish

A Seed Between Them

Courtship With Winter

Color Codes

Smile / Dream Catcher

Star Sequence

Water Water Everywhere


My Work Day

Reading Between The Lines

Cold View

Mondrian Squared

Take Root

A Place To Sit

The Artist

The Black Hat

Social Network


Break In The Storm

Je Suis Charlie

The California Coast

The Fleet


Enhance Your Calm



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