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Abandoned Series

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Abandoned Series

There is a lake just a half hour’s bike ride through the woods near where I live. Along the trail, there are two large, green and abandoned warehouse buildings right there in the middle of the woods. Quietly standing there. The place is an anomaly of the forest. I can find no history on the origins of this abandoned space. From satellite, the buildings are clearly visible from the surrounding forest. I have include a map, below the gallery, which shows a “courtyard” that is fairly free of debris. This is not its current state, which the gallery well illustrates.

  • Abandoned Trash

As time moves on, this abandoned place has accumulated more and more trash. There is all manner of activity in the place. As I have explored it twice, I have found numerous curious objects. All manner of strange history can be found in this place. Piles of clothing, both inside and out, soaked in the rain, sun bleached and tattered. Playing cards, bullet shells, electronic parts. I have attempted to capture in each image a story. Something brought these objects to this place. Somehow the warehouses deteriorated in condition. It remained for me to document it.

Processed with VSCOcam with t1 preset

  • Ghosts

When I first explored this place, there was an eerie feeling that someone may be there. I couldn’t escape it. The graffiti reminded me that it was a gathering point of sorts. I took a number of images on this first visit, most of which I had to discard as they were taken in haste and little concentration. This feeling reached a peak when I entered the northernmost of the two buildings. Through the cracks in the large warehouse doors, the light shown in, and in front of me I could make out a figure, standing there watching me. I said hello but received nothing in return. Upon going closer, I found that the figure was actually a piece of abandoned art. A life sized metal figure. An impressionistic iron sculpture of a human being. The keeper or watch guard of this forgotten place. I have taken only two images of this figure, one on each visit, as if homage to it. I have left them distant views to imply that someone actually is here.

  • Processing

For this series, full of such variety in lighting, hue, texture, and subject matter, I have chosen the beautiful VSCO filter T1, applying it to all images from 9 to 12 in strength. I have also desaturated the images from -3 to -6, given them a pale, faded and soft feel. I have cropped all images to 2×3, with some few and enjoyable exceptions at 3×2. I have straightened one image using Snapseed (because I can change my mind).

Fortunately, this abandoned site remains for me a mystery. I savor its illusive quietude.

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